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  • I also have in line three more projects in my series Techniques of the Bird Observer .
  • Techniques of the Bird Observer III is an audio performance (spoken word) which takes place behind the installed front wall of a birdhide looking out on to a widescreen video projection, featuring a fixed continual shot of a deserted nature reserve on a grey day. To hear the 17 minute audio performance, download this mpg, or if you just want to read the script, it's here.
  • Techniques of the Bird Observer IV is a mapping project about bird-watching, representing the cartographic differences between spotting and twitching and how this might affect ways of seeing.
  • Happy, Short, Oncoming Whisper, Advancing is an interior installation - identically sized illustrative plates from field guides to British birds cover a cylindrical wall of cork tiles (all 220 breeding species, arranged by bird group - waders, gulls, warblers, etc). The images are studded with dart holes. Around the wall is a circular fairground booth. From the booth's ceiling hang empty hooks.
  • I am doing some sculptural work based on stylised walking sticks with mounted silver plated cane tops in the shape of different British wild animals, Together they constitute an installation that leans against a  white gallery wall.
  • I have done about 10 big drawings for some sandblasted and black enamel sheet metal sculptures in  which different aspects of historical British styles (architectural and furniture) 'talk' to each other or relate with each other.

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