Falco subbuteo subbuteo

A permanent  'spot the bird'  mail art project - click here to download the mail art piece.

All received mail gets exhibited in a pile on a table beneath an enlarged version of this picture.

Last shown in September 09 at the Blackhorse Lane Open Studios (pile of around 100 participations). To be shown again in November 08 at 'The Animal Gaze' (slightly larger pile of participations) and again in Plymouth (even bigger pile) when that show tours. And in any future show.

Any visitor/viewer to the show gets a chance to contribute their version, too. All contributions are their own credits.

Download the pdf and post it to me by snail mail.

The following  text is published on the back of some of the contributions.

From an appendix to the wildlife guide Birds & Mammals of Crete by George Sfikas (1989), under the heading ‘Problems of Illustration’.

    The greatest problem that I had to face in order to complete this book was the illustration. Unfortunately, I had in my hands only a small part of the necessary photographic material mine or borrowed by my friend Triantaphillos Adamokopoulos. To collect photos for covering the needs of such a book would demand plenty of means (telephocus etc.) as well as some years of work in the country. But the necessity of issueing a book for the birds of Crete the soonest possible, made impossible, at least for the present moment, the following of this method.
   The case of buying some slides from Greek or foreigner ornithologists to take photographs of birds since many years was excluded from the very beginning as the cost of the book should be increased too much and its issue should not be profitable.
   Naturally as a painter I could find refuge in the solution of the painting illustration. Although, it would demand work of at least three years, which should be paid, increasing again the cost of the entire issue.
   In front of this impasse, I took refuge in the only realizable solution, under these conditions, that means the solution of photomontaz. I cut very carefully pictures of birds and mammals from different books and putting it on a suitable background photograph, looking like their natural environment I photographed it again with slides. I achieved in this way an enough satisfactory result. The most important is that this result cannot be considered to be “robbery” as there is a reformation and a creation of a new photograph.
   The 90% of the pictures in this book are result of photomontaz system. The rest of the pictures are real photographs of alive or embalmed mammals or birds. The name of the owner is referred under the photographs that are not mine.